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Life is hard, unfair and difficult. In those circumstances, it is hard to focus on anything but the bad situation. Grace is greater than any accident, sickness, setback or loss we might face. And, here’s the final key point we make about grace in this series: God’s grace works for our good in our difficulties. God doesn’t abandon us in our hardships; rather, because of grace…because he cares so much for us and wants the very best for us always, he works for good through our hardships. Our challenge is how we get grace and stay connected to grace when our circumstance is so powerfully difficult? The Bible urges us to do three things that help us get grace: We choose joy, we pray continually and we live in gratitude to keep grace from being interrupted by our situations.


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Image: Transform Our City
January 13, 2019

Transform Our City

God has given Pantano a vision to be a catalyst to bring God’s influence to transform our city. God created...

Image: Transform Ourselves
January 6, 2019

Transform Ourselves

Do you want to change your life? Are you ready to allow God more access to change your life? God...

Image: Rhythms
December 30, 2018


At the end of the year, we tend to look back and evaluate the year that has passed, and at...

Image: The Immanuel Difference
December 16, 2018

The Immanuel Difference

At Christmas, God took the initiative and came to us. God came to us to show how much he loves...

Image: Into The Neighborhood
December 9, 2018

Into The Neighborhood

John, in his Gospel story of Jesus, tells the Christmas story in one verse - John 1:14. For John, this...

Image: Immanuel
December 2, 2018


There is a prophecy in Isaiah 7:14 that is highlighted in the Christmas story that Matthew records. It’s a favorite...

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